Seed Studio

Seed Studio is a community ART project to collect, save and share seed to those in need who need help to grow their own fresh food.

The seed collection will have a base in a studio in Launceston where it will be open on weekends for visits by appointment. It will also be on the road visiting community events with our mobile seed bank. We are happy to send seed by mail to those who live remotely or are unable to access our events.

The seed is free but we would love an exchange of stories, memories, drawings, produce, seed, found objects from your vegetable patch! This can be done in person, online or by mail. The complete list of seed will be listed online but not all these will be available on request.

Would you like to be a part of Seed studio?  You can help by

  • donating seed,
  • help sorting and packaging seed,
  • making seed packets,
  • hosting a seed party and/or
  • helping at the events.

We bring the portable seed bank, seed packet making stuff and basic seed saving information.  All you need to do is organise the people and put the coffee on!

We will keep a diary of all the wonderful seed stories, events and hard work


IMG_3037 IMG_3090 IMG_3096 IMG_3088

Contact details

Facebook: facebook/urbanfarmingtasmania
Twitter: @urbanfarmingtas



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