We are opening again for 2016 on 28th Feb 10-4pm at 3 Charles street south, South Launceston. All are welcome. We would love any seed donations on the day or by mail. The seeds are free in exchange for seed, cuttings, art, music, stories…..


Past Events


17th October 2015 12noonUrban Farming Tasmania at Fiesta
We are back for Fiesta this year! We need everyone to start growing and collecting seed so we can one again give away 1000’s edible plants

31st October/1st November Seed Studio at  Sustainable Living Festival
Yes we are hitting the road and heading south with the Seed Studio for the Sustainable Living festival. We will packing all the seed, shelves and glass jars and setting up at the festival, every exciting! We will be read to trade seed for seeds, memories, stories and photos from the garden!

1st August Seed Studio Opening 12 noon 3 Charles Street South
Opening for spring! Our seed bank has grown and now has its own home. It will be open on weekends so you can come and find lots of wonderful things to grow. The seed is free but I would love an exchange of stories, memories, drawings, produce, seed, found objects….. These are the seeds which my art grow from!  So remember the 1st August 10am is the opening, all welcome, please invite friends

5th May International Permaculture day at Westbury Community Garden

1st May Seed party at Charles Street Studio

20th June Road Trip to Dunalley for Dunalley Mid-winter Pumpkin Gala Day


25th December Big Christmas lunch– Crowd Farming for 300 christmas lunches!

30th November Christmas Market and Share  A gathering of everyone to celebrate a wonderful year, come one come all

18th October Fiesta Pop-up Patch Launceston 12noon-7pm We are building a pop-up patch for the Fiesta celebrations

16th October Colony Share Market and workshops Celebrate World Food day and Anti-Poverty week! 432 Elizabeth St Hobart 10-2pm

30th September- 14th October Pop-up Patch- Hobart we are doing a popup patch and lots of fun activities for the School Holidays in Hobart. come along to help, get involved and have some fun. The planting of the patch is Tuesday 30th at 11am, Seedling giveaway on the 3rd October and chalk drawing of the garden on the 7th Oct. The patch will be closed on the 14th and it will move on!

7th September Seed and Planting Day  We have pots, seeds and potting mix but we need you to help us put them together. This is a free event. It helps us grow lot of seedlings for our busy spring events!

31st August The Bracknell Grafting workshop 11-2pm, limited numbers so please RSVP

23/24th August Permaculture Course Dunalley Community House RSVP

30th July Christmas in July, supporting the Waterbridge Food Co-op

21st July Waterbridge Garden Road Trip, all welcome

20nd July Fruit Tree Planting Colony 47, 432 Elizabeth, all welcome

16th July Fruit Tree Planting, supporting the Waterbridge Food Co-op, Bridgewater Community Centre

5th July Big Breakfast supporting the Waterbridge Food co-op, Gagebrook community centre

25th June 3pm Ravenswood Pioneer Parade BBQ, supporting Ravenswood Community centre

15th February Colony 47 Share Market and Garden Workshop- We have helped Colony 47 start a vegie patch at 432 Elizabeth street and we will need lots of helping hands to plant for Winter. It will also be a great time for produce from the garden and fruit picking season. So bring you excess to share.

15th January 12noon Art Summer School Share Market. The first event for the new year. A big share market on a the same time as the summer school down at Inveresk. Bring something to share, especially seeds seedlings, plants and gardening materials!


24th November 4pm Turner’s Beach Farmer’s Market. A beautiful market by the beach with lots of local growers and makers. We will be there with the seed bank and look forward to seeing you

11th November Colony 47 Permablitz/Build the Vegi Patch Day. Come along and learn about permaculture through a permablitz day and help a great not-for-profit extend their vegi patch! We need lots of newspaper, cardboard, manure and straw for this day. Let us know if you can help

6th November 12noon Gathering of the Garden in Launceston the next BIG share market and last one for 2013! Please bring all plants you would like transport to Hobart for the Sustainability Festival on this day. It is also by final event for Bridgette’s Bachelor of Contemporary Arts.

3rd November Oatland School & Community Garden open day. We have been invite along to this great open day. Please bring along an spare seed, seedlings and plant for a share table. We will be there with sunflowers,seed bank and plants.We look forward to meeting everyone

19th October Kids Expo in City Park Launceston for Children’s Week We aim to make a giant children’s garden which will then go to the Sustainability Festival in Hobart. We would also like to give each child a sun flower seedling to take home and grow. Can you help?

27th October Turner Beach Farmers Market. We have been invite along to join this great new farmer market. We will be there with a share table of seed, seedlings and plants. Please bring along what you have space to share and it will be a great day.

13th October Family Fun day St Davids Park Hobart with Colony 47 for Anti-Poverty Week We aim to make a giant children’s garden which will then go to the Sustainability Festival in Hobart. We would also like to give each child a sun flower seedling to take home and grow. Can you help?

12Noon Monday Weekly Mini Swap Market at the Tasmanian College  of the Arts for produce, seeds, seedlings, sharing knowledge or general catch up on what is happening. Come along we will be there every week BUT finishing on Wednesday 6th November and re-starting in 2014!Contact details

Facebook: facebook/urbanfarmingtasmania
Twitter: @urbanfarmingtas
Mail: C/O Bracknell Post Office



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