Seed Studio is open for 2016!

We are opening again for 2016 on 28th Feb 10-4pm at 3 Charles street south, South Launceston. All are welcome. We would love any seed donations on the day or by mail. The seeds are free in exchange for seed, cuttings, art, music, stories…..


Here is the winter seed list so far….

– Cylindra, Rangeview
– Bull’s blood, Rangeview
– Red Devil, Rangeview

– Chinese Choi San
– Broccoli Calaerese
– Broccoli di ciccio organic
– Broccoli green sprouting organic
– Chinese Broccoli Hon Tsai Tai
– Broccoli Purple sprouting

Brussels sprouts
– Red ribs, Rangeview
– long island improved

– Tokyo Bekana, Rangeview
– Early Jersey wakefield, Rangeview
– Red Express Rangeview
– Chinese mini Rangeview
– Verona purple Rangeview
– Green Vertus Savoy Rangeview
– Sugar Loaf, Range view
– Golden acre

Chinese Cabbage
– Bok choy
– Maruba Santoh
– Pak choi white, Rangeview
– Tatsoi, Rangeview
– Tatsoi, Windermere
– Pak Choi Pecheay
– Pak Choi red

– Violet Sicilian
– Purple Sicilly
– Waterbridge

– Carrot heirloom mix, Diggers
– Merinda storage, Inspiration Seed
– Baby Amsterdam, Rangeview
– Danvers organic, range view
– Cosmic purple, Rangeview
– Solar yellow, Rangeview
– Chantey red core, Rangeview
– Western red, Pinner’s produce
– Jillian , Lilly dale
– Lunar white, Rangeview
– Kuronda, Rangeview
– Little fingers, Range view
– Mystery Carrot seed

-Travisio Red, Rangeview
– Catalogna, Rangeview

Corn Salad
-Verde de cambrai
– Large dutch

-True Watercress
– American upland
– Cardinia

-Red Russian, Trevallyn
-dwarf blue curled

Kohl Rabi
-Purple vienna

– purple oak leaf and green mignonette, Pinner’s
– Freckle, Sue, Weymouth
-Lettuce Salad, Eden seed
– Red Orach, Moonah primary
– butter crunch, Rangeview

-Dutch leaf, Rangeview

– Sue, Weymouth
– Bio fumigant, Diggers
– Ruby streaks, Rangeview
– Osaka purple organic
– tender green, Rangeview
– Horned salad green, Trevallyn

– Spring onion, Katie Newnham
– Cream gold, Rangeview
– Gladalan Brown, Rangeview
– Gladalan White, Rangeview
– Californian Red, Rangeview

– Hollow crown, Pinner’s
-Parsnip, Waterbridge

– purple podded peas Weymouth, 2014, 2105
– purple podded peas, Southern Harvest
– Southern cross peas Warratah
– Massey Peas, Colony 47
– Massey peas, Warratah
– Onward peas Warratah
– Willow peas, Inspiration seed
– Melbourne Market peas, Warratah
– Dave’s bog standard peas, Huon
– Green feast peas Warratah
– Snow peas, Hobart Jane
– Snow pea, Oregon Southern Harvest
-Snow pea, Oregon Giant
-Snow pea, dwarf, Diggers
– Snow pea, Yukomo Giant, Southern Harvest
– Alderman Telephone, Southern Harvest
– Green feast pea, Southern harvest

– White beauty, Rangeview
– China Rose, Rangeview
– Black Spanish round, Rangeview
– fire ball, Rangeview
– French Breakfast, organic, Rangeview
– Daikon mini early, Rangeview
– Saxxa, Range view
– Fire Candle, Rangeview
– Radish, Waterbridge
– Red Meat, Inspiration Seed

– Aragula, fine rocket, sue Weymouth
– Rocket, Sue Weymouth

– Raaab Autumn, Rangeview
– Raab Rapini, Rangeview
– Mitsuba, Rangeview
– Miniutina, erba stella Rangeview
– Collards, champion, Range view
– Kailan, Rangeview
– Endive salad king, Eden seed

Silver beet
-Rainbow, Pinners
-Colony 47

– English
– Bloomsdale
-mountain spinach Red Orach
– perpetual, Lost Seed
– Waterbridge

– major plus, Joy




7 thoughts on “Seed Studio is open for 2016!

  1. Hello Brigette thankyou for the email I have seed available and will come in and visit you when you are open. Some of the seed I have is possibly not available in Tasmania, most of which is of a medicinal nature. Regards neil Price.


  2. Hello Bridgette i have some seed to give you many medicinal including Stirian pumpkin seed, I believe I am the only person in Tas that grows this pumpkin which is used in the treatment of prostrate cancer by the pharmicutical companies. As i do not know when you are open could you please give me a contact number as i rarely come into Launceston as in your emails to me there is no contact number. Regards neil price.


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