Seeds of Culture

Can you help?  We are building a seed bank of culture for 2016 to help grow the food of refugees and migrants to Tasmania. We would like to celebrate the seed and food from different cultures and locations from around the world.

Can you help us grow a culture garden?
Please make a donation through the Pozible website


We will be traveling to the Himalayas for 3 months to raise awareness of the cultural context of growing food. We will be walking through remote areas of Nepal exploring how seed is strongly connected culture, tradition and location.

When we return we will launch the Seeds of Culture, which will be a collection of seeds from different cultures and locations. These seeds will then be sent out for growing culture gardens through local community groups, schools and individuals. We will encourage everyone to explore the cultural significance of the seed and food they are growing.

cheers Bridgette




2 thoughts on “Seeds of Culture

  1. Hi I met you yesterday at the Cygnet community Garden. You mentioned I could contact you with a list of seeds that you could send me.
    Pumpkin Pete’s Bloomin Lot, Peter Cundall 2015
    Tomato San Marzano, Lyndsey, Lilydale 2015
    Parsley, Italian Timsbury school, Hobart 2015 2012
    Garlic bulbulsBracknell20152015
    Californian red Capsicum Lyndsey, Lilydale 2015

    Carrot, Slovenian Lost Seed 2015
    Chilli, Habanero Yates 2015
    Chilli, jalapeño Bridgette, Launceston 2015
    Sun gold Corn Southern Harvest 2015
    Dwarf Blue Curled Lost Seed Company 2015 10gm
    Lettuce, purple oak leaf and green mignonette Pinner’s Organic produce 2015 2014 50gm
    Lettuce, freckle Sue, Weymouth 2015 2015 20gm
    lettuce mixed packets Bridgette, Launceston 2015 100gm
    Spinach englishEden seed201520gm

    Hope this is OK. You are doing a fantastic job. I am just starting my Tasmanian garden so I hope to send some saved seeds to you.
    Thanks again
    Address is 31 Woodcock Road, Cygnet 7112

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