Seed Studio opens tomorrow!

Tomorrow 1St August 12noon seed Studio opens at 3 Charles street South, South Launceston, near the LGH.

The seeds are free in exchange for more seed, garden stories and memories!

Everyone is welcome!

What we need!
The whole project is crowd sourced through a Pozible project and the Urban Farming Tasmania. We still need the following
-Seeds of edible plants
-seed packets and glass jars
-seed saving equipment and books
-stickers, labels, envelopes, paper bags

Our seed Sources
-Backyard seed collectors
Inspirational seed
Rangeview Seeds
Southern Harvest
The Diggers Club
Eden Seeds
The Lost Seed Company
Green Harvest

The Seed List for 2015 (so far)
-Adzuki, Green Harvest, 2015
-Blue Lake, Southern Harvest, 2015
-Broad beans, Waterbridge, Hobart, 2015
-Broad Beans, Heather, Bracknell, 2015-Cannellini, Lost Seed 2015
-Broad Bean,m Aquadulce, green Harvest 2015
-Borlotti red Rooster, Green Harvest 2015
-Cherokee Wax, Lost Seed 2015
-Dragons Tongue, Diggers 2015
-Flagrano, Lost Seed 2015
-Indelight, Lost Seed 2015
-Italian Romano, Diggers 2015
– Jade bush Bean, Green Harvest 2015
-Kentucky Wonder, Southern Harvest, 2015
-large black mystery bean, 2015
-Northeaster, Lost Seed 2015-Rattle Snake, climbing, Diggers 2015
-Piazza, Eden Seeds, 2015
-Purple King Diggers 2015
-Redland Pioneer, 2015
-Royal Burgundy, Lost Seed 2015
-Scarlet runner beans, Bridgette, Launceston 2015
-Scarlet runner beans, Waterbridge, Bridgewater, 2015
-Soyabean Edamane, Green Harvest
-Soyabean Djakal, Southern Harvest, 2015
-Stringless Pioneer Diggers 2015
-Trails of Tears, Mignon, Launceston 2015
-Windsor longpod, Southern Harvest, 2015

-Beetroot Heirloom mix, diggers

-Calendula, Sherridan, Launceston, 2015
-Calendula, Heather, Bracknell, 2015

-Carrot Heirloom mix, Diggers 2015
-Merinda, Inspiration Seed 2015

-Celeriac, Waterbridge, Bridgewater, 2015

-Black zea mayes,  Inspiration Seed 2015
-Glass Gem corn, Sharon, Launceston 2015
-Mini Blue Popping corn, Rueben, Hobart 2015
-Sweet corn, Waterbridge, Bridgewater 2015
-Sungold, Southern Harvest 2015

Green manure
-mix, Wendy 2015

-wild Fennel, Hobart, 2015

-Soft neck tassie Purple garlic, 2015

-Royal Oak leaf, Diggers 2015
-Endive Salad king , Eden Seed 2015
-lettuce Salad bowel Red, Een Seed 2015

-Italian parsley, Timsbury school, Hobart 2012
-Parsley, unknown 2013

-Alderman, telephone, Southern Harvest 2015
-Bog standard, Dave Huon, 2015
– Greenfeast, Southern Harvest, 2015
-Masey Peas, Colony 47, Hobart 2015
-Purple Podded,  Inspiration Seed 2015
-Snow Dwarf Diggers 2015
-Snow peas, Jane, Hobart 2015
-Snow pea, Oregon, Giant Snowman, Southern Harvest, 2015
-Snow pea, Yukomo Giant, Southern Harvest, 2015
-Willow,  Inspiration Seed 2015

-Australian Butter, Green Harvest 2015
-Blue Ballet, Inspiration Seed 2015
-Crown prince, Inspiration Seed 2015
-Costata romenesco squash, Inspiration Seed 2015
-Golden Nugget, Green Harvest 2015
-Jack be little, Green Harvest 2015
-Jarredale, Green Harvest 2015
-Musquee de Provience, Green Harvest 2015
-Musquee de Provience, Inspiration Seed 2015
-Red Kuri, Green Harvest 2015

-Orach, Moonah Primary, Hobart, 2015

-Black radish, Inspiration Seed 2015
-Cherriette, Inspiration Seed 2015


Silver beet
-5 Colour mix, Diggers 2015

-Bloomsdale, Inspiration Seed, 2015
-Spinach perpetual, crossed with silverbeet?, Sharon, Kings Meadow, 2015
-Winter Giant, Eden seed 2015

-Sunflower, Kellie, Mowbray, 2015
-Sunflower, Waterbridge, Bridgewater 2015

-Amish Paste, Diggers 2015
-Black Krim, Lost Seed 2015
-Lemon drop Diggers 2015
-Stupice, Lost Seed 2015
-Tiny Tim, Bush, Lost Seed 2015
-Yellow Pear, Diggers 2015

Graf Zeppelin, Eden seed 2015

-Miniature Red pear, Eden Seed, 2015
-Mary Italian, beefsteak, Eden Seed, 2015
-Marianna’s Peace, Eden Seed 2015
-Aunty’s Ruby Green, Eden Seed 2015
-Grosse Lisse, Lost Seed 2015
-Oxheart red, Lost Seed 2015
-Red Russian, Lost Seed 2015

Black Beauty, Eden Seed, 2015

seed studio flyer


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