The Seed Studio is growing

Wow $1000 in donations, 150 glass jars and countless seeds in 10 days, Amazing.

Thank you for your wonderful support, this project is not possible without it. We achieved our donation target in 10 days so now the project is funded but you can still make donations for the next 45 days through Pozible.

All the money will go towards the construction of Seed Studio which will open on the 1st August at 3 Charles street South or be coming to an event near your soon! The seed will be free in exchange for garden memories, ideas, photos, produce, seeds etc. I will be using these as seeds for my art over the summer and will present the harvest in March/April next year.  We will also be help your seed save so we can build the collection for next year.

cheers Bridgette

‘A seed for a seed’




IMG_3037 IMG_3096 IMG_3088 IMG_2684


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