Poatina Community Fair

Urban Farming Tasmania was invited to attend the Poatina Community Fair in January hooray!
Heather, Nick and Kym had a fantastic day talking gardening, seeds, worms, permaculture and community gardens.
We visited the newly opened Poatina Community Garden – such amazing veggies growing already and so many zucchinis!
Each garden had two worm towers which are pieces of pipe with holes drilled in them. Food scraps and worms are added to the pipe – the worms go in to feed and then back to the soil to add their compost and make it healthy!
IMG_4368 IMG_4373
We had worm starter kits and  Nick did a demonstration on how to make a cheap worm farm at home. You can use white foam boxes available for free from many veggie shops – easy!
IMG_4407 IMG_4414
Heather and Nick did a no dig garden bed demonstration workshop.
This is layers of seaweed, cow manure, cardboard, potting mix and straw to make a big no dig compost garden.
Small pockets are made in the top using newspaper and potting mix to put the plants in.
IMG_4419 IMG_4432
And we were serenaded by the Tongan community with a gardening song “The Vineyard” while we planted the beetroot, silver beet and broccoli into the new garden!
We had a great day and look forward to coming back again to see how the garden is growing! Thanks to Hannah and the Poatina Community Garden for hosting us.
Do you have an upcoming event that you would like Urban Farming Tasmania to attend with a stall or activities? Let us know!
We have volunteers who may be able to come with the seed bank, worm starter kits and do some demonstrations on gardening and would love to meet you.
Blog author and photos: Kym Blechynden
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