Fiesta and Share Market

We have two more big events  this Spring, Hobart Colony Share Day and Launceston Fiesta on George, Launceston.  These are both free events where you can help build a garden and take home free seedlings to help start your own. We are looking for more scarecrows, community groups to be involved, and donations of materials. So if you think you can help let us know!

Colony Share Market- Hobart
–  Thursday 16th October 11am-2pm, 432 Elizabeth Street
Come along and support this event for Anti-poverty Week, World Food Day and Fair Food Week. We will have a share market for skills, produce, seeds, materials. We will have our bank of free seed and seedlings to share. There are also some guest coming along to share their special skills
– 11.30 A compost demonstration by Hannah Maloney from Good Life Permaculture
– Talking Beans by  Tanya Murray from Suburban Jubilee
– Worm farming by Nysha Munro from Avant Garden Tasmania
– Carving Fruit and vegetable sculptures by Sharon Sue

Fiesta on George- Launceston
– Saturday 18th October, 12noon-6pm York Town Square
There is a wonderful food and wine festival in George Street Launceston and we are doing a Pop-up patch in York town square. We are working with Feeding the Futures and the Royal Botanical Gardens to build a Pop-up patch and demonstration area in York Town Square. We have a few very special guest and events, but we are happy to have more, let us know

– No Dig gardening and hot compost by Marcus Ragnus from the Botanical Gardens
– Paper Pop-up garden construction by Urban farming Tasmania artists
– Scarecrow competition, entries allow right up until the day!
– Cooking demonstration by Chef from the vegetarian cafe, FRESH
– Community market and activity section run by community groups, more welcome!
– free spring seed and seedling giveaway!
– Seed swapping and saving by Heather Thorpe
Worms by the Worm Wranglers of Launceston
– backyard chicken display

We would love volunteers for help with the set up at 10am and pack up 6pm. All the garden display will be donated to school and community gardens at 6pm so bring your trailer and take home some materials to help with the patch.

10454373_717881814932245_3973523264596434497_o 10661769_506869906115262_8827669872325431092_oFiestaProgram JPEG


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