Spring events and City Pop-up Patches

Spring is a busy time we have 3 big events and 2 pop-up patches in the city, very exciting. Let us know is you would like to be involved or help!

30th September-14th October Pop-up Patch- Hobart 11-1pm we are doing a pop-up patch and lots of fun activities for the School Holidays in Hobart. come along to help, get involved and have some fun.

16th October Colony Share Market and workshops Celebrate World Food day and Anti-Poverty week! 432 Elizabeth St Hobart 10-2pm

18th October Fiesta Pop-up Patch Launceston 12noon-7pm We are building a pop-up patch for the Fiesta celebrations, yippppee


Sept_Oct schools activities 2up 12Sept201410454373_717881814932245_3973523264596434497_o 10655383_714063748647385_3373196766028096386_o

Microsoft Word - Community garden flyer


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