Spring Events

We have plenty of spring events coming up. These are all free events and we will need plenty of helpers,  seeds, seedlings, plants and trees.

7th September Seed and Planting Day  We have pots, seeds and potting mix but we need you to help us put them together. This is a free event. It helps us grow lot of seedlings for our busy spring events!

10th October Pop-up Patch- Hobart 11-1pm we are doing a popup patch and lots of fun activities for the School Holidays in Hobart. come along to help, get involved and have some fun. What a great way to spend World Mental Health Day.

16th October Colony Share Market and workshops Celebrate World Food day and Anti-Poverty week! 432 Elizabeth St Hobart 10-2pm

18th October Fiesta Pop-up Patch Launceston 12noon-7pm We are building a pop-up patch for the Fiesta celebrations, yippppee

30th November Christmas Market and Share  A gathering of everyone to celebrate a wonderful year, come one come all

25th December Big Christmas lunch– Crowd Farming for 300 christmas lunches!


2 thoughts on “Spring Events

  1. HI Bridgette, Are you still mailing out seed packs? Are they for individual use? I’m hoping to use some seeds for our local primary school. Cheers, Jess

  2. Hey Bridget I’d like to do a microgreens thing for the pop-up patch. I’ll have a display and some kits with instructions, seeds, etc. to give away. Would there be about a metre of table space available for me or could I bring a small table myself?

    Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 05:06:08 +0000
    To: alanyx@hotmail.com

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