July has been a busy month of fruit tree planting and seed collecting seeds. 15 new fruit trees and berry plants were planted at Colony 47. A big thank you to all the helping hands! The Colony garden is growing well with broad beans, garlic, potatoes and silver beet in abundance. We have also planted green manure to prepare the soil ready for lots of spring planting, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins….

August is the month of seed, grafting and permaculture skills

Seed Party Launceston 2pm 3rd August
– seed swapping, packaging and sharing ready for spring! All welcome and free. Bring any spare seeds, cuttings, plants even produce!

We can have a Seed party on the 17th August in Hobart on demand, please let us know if you are keen


Grafting workshop Bracknell Sunday 31st August 11am

visit Heather wonderful permaculture garden and learn to graft! taught by Nick and Heather. RSVP needed



Later this year is the Colony Share Market 16th October for World Food Day and Anti-poverty Week



And then The Big Christmas lunch with Colony 47. Help us crowd farm the fruit and vegetables for this wonderful events that feeds many people in need

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.18.14 PM


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