Prison Patch

Would you like to visit the Risdon Prison Vegi patch and Orchard?

The Waterbridge Food Co-op is organising a Garden Road Trip on the 21st July that includes the Prison, the Source at UTAS, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens community patch and Brighton School farm. The bus will leave at 10am from the Gagebrook community centre, its is free but please book a spot early!

Ron Barwick Minimum Security Prison has a fantastic orchard and vegi patch producing 100kgs fruit and vegetables for the Community through Secondbite. They are looking at expanding into a bigger patch on near by land. They also now have a wonderful rotary hoe thank to Rotary and Secondbite

Some stats are total production to date is 1430kg from 2-mar-2012 to now, 805kg in 2012, 275kg in 2013 and 351kg in 2014 so far.

  • Produce grown: includes potatoes, pumpkins, peas, beans, red and white onions, garlic, apples, tomatoes, marrows and zucchini.
  •  This is not left-overs this is prime produce grown specifically, picked and packed the same day or in 24 hours by SecondBite
  • SecondBite have over 110 outlets for the food from hampers to community agencies, neighbourhood houses, crisis accommodation and housing services and school breakfast clubs and programs.
  • We are also part of Feeding the Future and use crop rotation, staggered planting and grow to order for SecondBite.

Waterbridge Food Co-op
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