Waterbridge Food Co-op


The Waterbridge Food co-op is a new food project is starting in Bridgewater and Gagebrook in Hobart. The project aim  is to develop a food co-op at the community houses to help open the access to healthy and affordable food. It will involve community garden, cooking classes, a people’s pantry and pop-up markets. It is organised by the Jordan River ServicesSecondBiteColony 47CentracareWorksills and Dr Bridgette Watts (local GP and Urban Farming Tasmania founder). It is funded through the Social determinants of Health grant from Tasmania Medicare Local.

There are four exciting events to start the project!

The Big Breakfast
Saturday 5th July 8am
Gagebrook Community House


Fruit Tree planting
Wednesday 16th July 10am
Bridgewater Community Centre


The Waterbridge Road trip
Monday 21st July 10am-2pm
Start and finish Gagebrook Community House
RSVP needed for bus

 Christmas in July
30th July 12.30, Gagebrook Community Centre
RSVP please!


Waterbridge Food Co-op
Facebook: facebook/waterbridgefoodco-op
Website: waterbridgefood.org
Email: waterbridgefood@gmail.com

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