International Permaculture Day Bracknell

What a day! We hosted an International Permaculture Day in Bracknell at Heather and Nick’s Property. The sun came out all day and around 80 people came out to share the skills, knowledge and produce. Thank you to everyone for you wonderful fruit, vegies seeds, knowledge and skills. A special thanks to Heather and Nick for hosting, Sharon for her soap demonstration, Megan for the wonderful basket making circle, Sekin for spinning all day, Dianne for the worm and compost knowledge and Sherridan for the ‘My vegi patch’ kids corner.

Our next event is in Hobart Family Expo 17th May Mather’s Lane and May14th 4.30pm for the Colony 47 Garden Group, 432 Elizabeth St. We are planning small events for Launceston over winter and will be back in spring for a big event!

We had wonderful interviews by ABC Rural radio by Rosemary Grant, thank you!

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 7.05.27 AM

Heather Thorpe and Nick Leaman’s Permaculture Garden– they conducted a wonderful tour of their hard work! and Heather made the apron’s
DSC_1506  IMG_0447

Megan and Sukin’s basket making and spinning demonstration. You can see more of their work at I be Weave in Miracles

DSC_1459  DSC_1455 DSC_1485  DSC_1478  

Soap Making demonstration by Sharon Campbell-zeni

IMG_0455  IMG_0456

Dianne Anderson’s shared her knowledge on worms, worms pee, seedlings and compost. People even got to take some home! Dianne made wonderful cardboard carry cases for the seedlings and worm pee for people to take home

IMG_0446  DSC_1482

Sherridan Emery was wonderful in her Kid’s corner called ‘My Vegi Patch’. This project aims to explore the creative arts in the garden. If you would like to be involved please let us know. A website will be launched soon.

DSC_1442  DSC_1500DSC_1437  DSC_1438   DSC_1467  DSC_1439     DSC_1476  DSC_1488  DSC_1489  DSC_1445

We had a very generous and wonderful delivery of pumpkins, what a surprise, all of them found homes!

IMG_0451  DSC_1435

Lots of straw was taken home, just how much straw can you fit in your car?



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