SEED party

THIS Friday 12-3pm at the Botnaical Gardens.
We need your help to package all the doantions!
We have doantions of seed from backyards, community gardens and commerical companies.We recently had a large donation of commerical seed from Rangeview, Lost Seed, Diggers and South Harvest, very exciting. We provide everything all you need is to come along and yes you will get to take some seed home! This event is support by Colony 47 and Secondbite.
Please RSVP to urbanfarmingtasmania at hotmail dot com
Cheers Bridgette

DIY Seed Party

You Need
-people! advertise
-seed packets or paper to make
-books on seeds
-paper bags to sort seeds
-paper plates, spoons, tweezers
-gloves, alcohol hand gel, masks
-table, chairs and tablecloth
-a room, away from the wind

1. Prepare some seeds packets prior to the day allows more packing
2. sort seed and separate from the chaff, ensure completely dry before packing
3. assign one person to each seed type, with labels, envelopes and seed
4. off you go!
5. swap roles around so no one is bored
6. make sure everyone takes some home, a reward to the hard work!




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