No-Dig/Lasagne Gardens




This method of constructing a bed has many advantages. It can be constructed anywhere on any soil type and even on concrete slabs. No dig gardens also have the advantage of providing the correct medium for growing, create more good quality soil and best of all it only takes such a small amount of time to have your garden constructed and planted out.

Here is a great Youtube about no dig gardens

Many materials can be used but the cheapest, most basic requires cardboard/newspaper, straw and dry manure plus compost or a good brand of potting mix. If you have concrete you will also require something like blue metal for drainage.


The first step is to clear or mow the area you wish to develop. Whether or not you use a border is a personal choice.

You mark out the bed and then put down either the cardboard or newspaper using at least 6 sheets and overlapping so no gaps are present. Wet this down.


Next you put down a generous layer of manure and once again wet it.


Next split the straw into “biscuits” and put them on top of the manure completely covering the whole bed. Wet this down too.


Now put a thick layer of loose straw on and once again wet it down.


You are ready to start the process of planting. You will be using some more of that newspaper to create planters that will be filled with your planting medium (the compost or potting mix).

copy6  copy8


One thought on “No-Dig/Lasagne Gardens

  1. You should put morel spores on the cardboard after you wet it. I’ve known several people who have had fruitings doing this.

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