Tassievore starts this Saturday 1st March

Eat local, Grow local, Buy local

Challenge yourself this March to eat, grow and buy Tasmanian produce and products. Join up and have a go at the four Tassievore challenges. Send us photos and stories as you grow your own, discover new businesses, eat Tassie fruit and vegetables and finally host your own Tassievore feast! 

We have organised two workshops by Tanya Murray for the Challenge from 7-9pm at Fresh cafe on Charles in Launceston. Please RSVP to these event
-4th March Tomato preserving and bottling
-11th March Beyond the Freezer: Methods of preserving and a focus on olives

How are you going to celebrate the Tassievore Challenge?

Week 1. Try something new
Find a new Tassie food or drink and let us know about it. Need inspiration? Check out the Tassievore website or just start exploring your local area and asking for Tasmanian products.

Week 2.  Support Local Businesses
Choose to shop all week at Tasmanian owned businesses.

Week 3. Tassie fruit and vegetables
One week of eating Tasmanian produce from your backyard, or buy Tasmanian produce from the local co-op, farmers market or green grocer.

Week 4. Host a Tassieivore Dinner Party
Invite all your friends and family around in the final week and celebrate the fantastic food Tasmania has to offer! We would love to know what you do, cook and eat!!

You can download a brochure with this information here tassievore a5 brochure

We would love your photos and feel free to use the posters below

Eat local, Grow local, Buy local


tassievore poster-2tassievore poster-1


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