Colony 47 Market & Garden Party

This Wednesday 19th Feb 12noon we are hosting a share market and garden party at Colony 47, 432 Elizabeth street.  All are welcome so invite your family and friends. We will bring the winter seed bank so you can start planting your winter garden. The garden is open to all to plant and harvest, so give what you can and take what you need! We will be in the garden from 10am feel free to join us.

Please feel free to bring your backyard produce, fruit, seeds, seedlings, plants, fruit trees, garden materials, compost materials, cardboard, worms, manure…….. You get the idea! We already have Rhubarb, lemons, nectarines, tomatoes, spring onions, silver beet, Mikando spinach, baby carrots, chicory (Red and Green), Kale, beet root, mizuna, salad leaves, corn, parsley (flat and curly), orach, mint, chives, strawberries! What can you bring?

Cheers Bridgette



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