Minutes from the Meeting

Thank you for everyone who travelled to make our first meeting! We hope you had your say and took away lots of information, plants and cherries. Here is some light reading, I hope its not too long, please let us know what you think. If you think anything missing or it is inaccurate please let me know. We welcome new ideas, this is your community group!

Urban farming Meeting 5/2/2014 Prince’s Park

Next Meeting 3mths May?

Attendance: Katie, Dianne, Bridgette, Heather, Nick, Marie, Ros, Catherine, Fiona, Kelly, Sherridan  who did I miss!

Apologies: Kym, Graeme, Joee, Michael


1. Who are we?

Mission Statement: Urban Farming Tasmania is a free community group aiming to build stronger communities through growing, collecting and sharing fruit and vegetables, art and science in the Tasmanian Urban environment

Our values are equality, empowerment, education, sustainability

Our aims
-to open access to gardening knowledge, materials and resources
-to empower individuals and groups to make change in their own lives
-to share resources, knowledge, skills and materials

2. Events
19th Feb Colony 47 Garden Party, Share Market and Open Day Hobart-432 Elizabeth Street, Alports Building, 10am-2pm Gardening, 12noon BBQ and market. Everyone is welcome
23rd Feb Turner Beach Farmer’s Market-Twilight market 3.30pm at Turner’s Beach. We will have a stall for seed swap and seedlings. All welcome
March Tassievore Eat Local Challenge
-A whole month of eat, grow and buy tassie produce and products. It is run by Sustainable Living.
-We are providing free winter seed by mail to participants to help encourage people to grow their own.
-We are also hosting preserving workshops by Tanya Murrary at Fresh Café on Tuesday nights in March
12th March Share Market Launceston -location yet to be confirmed but should be the Art School
5th May Share Market Launceston

Planed events- Agfest weekend, June fruit tree planting, August Kids Expo

2. New Ideas
These are ideas that need people to make them happen! We need to be careful not to do too much!But i think the three big areas of ideas were how do we open up access to resources- community gardens skills, materials, excess fruit and vegies

-facebook/website-Seasonal relevance, 4 seasons-diary
-off line communication, hard copy newsletter
-using additional media such as radio, newspaper and school newsletters
-networking with other community groups, gardening groups, community gardens
-public fruit map in hard copy
-tear-off posters for cafes

Share excess food online, what is the best way, facebook group, post to page?
The cherries worked well, post to the page, with a 2hr pick up time in central Launceston and a nice picture
Encourage local events

List of skills and resources in the group
List of community gardens people can join
Tool and Land share
Strengthen community gardens struggling to find members

U3A permaculture course Michael
Permablitz//permactulure courses
Workshops Basic Gardening- seeds, pruning, grafting
different CALD groups in Tas – with mutual learning on different growing/preserving practices
preserving workshops- Jullian Weston?

3. Current Projects
These are the current projects that are either online, live events or involve material collection. The main organisers names are written next to the project but we are always looking for extra help.

Website, email, twitter-BridgetteFacebook– Heather/Bridgette This is where it started a year ago! Wow, it’s been a year.You can subscribe to email list here. You can find lots of the useful information here about the projects

Facebook: facebook/urbanfarmingtasmania
Website: urbanfarmingtasmania.org
Email: urbanfarmingtasmania@hotmail.com
Twitter: @urbanfarmingtas

Public Fruit tree map- Bridgette This is an online map of fruit trees on public land. It is hosted by google maps and anyone with a gmail can add a fruit tree. People just have to be careful with safety of where and how they pick.
Tassie Food Forest-Bridgette This was the idea for Sustainable Living festival. That a food forest be created all over the state. There is a map online but only has one community garden on it.

Share Markets-Bridgette 
In 2013 a weekly share market on Mondays was held at the university and this was difficult to maintain. It was decided that a monthly market be hosted or visited during the year around the state. That is 12 market a year.
Permablitz and Permaculture courses-Heather There are people interested in having these this year. We just need dates, location and people. Michael was interested in doing this through U3A and he will investigate the possibility of permablitz or presentation series
Colony 47 Garden-Bridgette 432 Elizabeth Street, Alport’s Building. We have helped Colony 47 grow a vegi patch. All are welcome and it is open access.
Tassievore Challenge and Preserving workshops-Bridgette Bridgette is on the volunteer committee for the Tassievore challenge. We have donated seed to be sent by mail for participants.

Seed bank-Heather/Bridgette 
A collection of seed harvested from backyards and commercial donations. This is packaged into individual packets taken to events or sent by mail. Send seed to Urban Faming Tasmania, Bracknell Post office, 7302
Seedlings, cutting and plants for events These can be grown by anyone and brought to events
Community Composting-Dianne/Bridgette This project state a few weeks ago by Dianne Anderson through fResh café and Garden of Vegan. 20L buckets are used to pick up kitchen scrapes for your compost heap, worm farm or chickens. Everyone is welcome to be involved.
Bulk garden Materials-Graeme/Bridgette The recent mushroom compost was due to Graeme and his contacts which allowed the pick up of 8 cubic metres in a truck and the bagging on his land
Fruit tree planting-Bridgette Last year we helped plant fruit trees/bushes at Bridgewater, Goodwood and Warrane community centers. I hope this year we are able to continue
Community Harvesting This happened last year from a few different orchards who let us pick, different individuals offering up fruit and vegies online and foraging expeditions. I would be could to facilitate this more

4. Practical Stuff
legal entity
– we are not a legal entity, we are a university contemporary art project and sponsored by Colony 47.
-we had insurance in 2013 through the university because the project was Bridgette’s Contemporary art project and it was also covered by Colony 47. Bridgette is currently submitting a proposal for 2014 and if successful will be studying again at the university
-we need some money to be sustainable. We have collected donations and this is held by Colony 47.
-tax deductible donations can be made through Colony 47 to our project
 We discussed at the meeting how to spend the money. People agreed that bulk seed for the seed bank would be good
-No money will be paid unless approved before purchase and a receipt is provided


Contact details
Facebook: facebook/urbanfarmingtasmania
Website: urbanfarmingtasmania.org
Email: urbanfarmingtasmania@hotmail.com
Twitter: @urbanfarmingtas




3 thoughts on “Minutes from the Meeting

  1. Hi, Unfortunately I missed the meeting, the notes are great though. I am looking forward to learning, growing and sharing. I am still unsure about how to save seeds but I’ll have a go.. my patch is very amateur.
    This is an awesome idea you guys have put into action, Thank you.
    Annie 🙂

  2. Sorry I missed the meeting. On a small aside, does anyone know where I can get some perennial leeks? I have been hunting for them (for several people) for a while now and keep coming up with loose ends.

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