Tassievore Eat Local Challenge this March

The Tassievore Challenge is on again this March for 1 month. We challenge you to eat more local Tasmanian produce, buy more Tasmanian products and visit Tasmanian business.  There will be prizes and activities throughout the month so keep in contact through the website and facebook. There are 4 key challenges:

Week 1 Try something new!

Week 2 Support Tassie business

Week 3 Eat Tassie fruit and veg

Week 4 Host a local feast with friends and family

Go on, get involved, give it a go!



7 thoughts on “Tassievore Eat Local Challenge this March

  1. OK I’m in…. do I sign up to the challenge somewhere or is it as simple as making the decision to do it? Might spend some of February doing a little sleuthing to find out places that stock Tassie-grown produce!

  2. Reblogged this on Farmering and commented:
    As newbie farmers, we love initiatives like this which support Tassie farmers…. we’re just a little sad that our cherry season will be over. It would be a treat seeing cherries on Tassievore tables!! Thanks to Urban Farming Tasmania for sharing the love!

  3. Hi Urban Farming Tasmania,

    I Just send through some photo’s and information on my friend Liz’s local produce that I thought you may like to share around.

    Will try and get through to you via Facebook as I’m not sure if this email will get to you.



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