Straw & Mushroom Compost

Are you interested in bulk straw and mushroom compost? We are happy to organise a large quantity, it wont be free but it will be cheap! This will help fundraise for this years projects. Let us know if you are interested. Especially if you can help bag the compost.

The bagging day for the compost is the morning of the 25th January.



32 thoughts on “Straw & Mushroom Compost

      • I live in Sidmouth so Frankford is just a hop-step and a jump from there! Count us in (so long as it isn’t TOO expensive). I will be there with bells on to help bag 🙂 I needs me some soil ameliorants to make the gaps between the rocks and the clay a little more obvious 😉

      • Great, no it will be cheap, we are all volunteers and the idea is that if we buy in bulk its cheaper. If we don’t have to transport and you cna help bag that’s double brownie points. i will get back to you with a price. the hard part is figuring out how many bags to a truck!

      • We have a trailer so could collect our own if that makes it easier? Love the “cheap” part. We are both penniless middle aged student hippies and “Cheap” is about as good as it gets for us :). Willing to work for it though so I will be there with bells on when you tell us its time to stuff bags with straw 🙂

      • Is there any way that I could pick it up from where we are bagging it? Bracknell is a LONG way away from here and Frankford is just around the corner from us 🙂

      • sorry to confuse you the bagging of mushroom compost will be at frankford this weekend on Saturday if we secure the truck. The straw bales are delivered to Bracknell because there is room for storage there. We may be able to get a straw delivary to frankford as well? would that be good?

      • That would be AWESOME. Bracknell is a long LONG way away for we penniless student hippies to go to pick up straw and I might have to bow out of doing so if I have to pick it up from there. You are awesome ma’am 🙂

      • We are on for the mushroom compost dig for this Saturday (25th Jan) at Frankford, if you are keen to come email urbanfarmingtasmania at hotmail dot com and we can talk where and when cheers Bridgette

  1. hi bridgette.

    we are still keen on getting some mushroom compost but will probably not be able to do the bagging (25.2. is our house moving day)

    iva & tim

  2. yes I’ll try to get there with a mate-I’ll be coming from Kings meadows in a 6 seater so am happy to give a lift if needed.

  3. Hello, Yes I am interested in mushroom compost but won’t be free that day to bag. I guess it also depends on how easy it is to pick it up from Hobartif it’s not close, then I will probably have to say no as I can’t travel far. Cheers, Jess

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