Seed Saving

At the moment I am chasing seeds, with brown bags and drying trays cluttering the house. I am always amazed at how many seeds can be obtained from one plant and the potential food that can be then grown.

So how easy or hard is seed saving? I think its like most things you need to start somewhere and then you improve!

So start this summer, collect some seed, grow some free food. If you have too much we are happy to take the excess

Remember to label at least with seed type, date, location and description (We love the imaginative descriptions)

Here are some great resources for improving your skills

Real Seed Company Handouts At the bottom of the left column are several great short hand outs for free

Seed Alliance Booklet Down load a 30 page booklet. Great chart about distance between plants for seed collection

Seed Savers Books and Booklets Great website, school resources as well

ABC gardening video 3.26 mins Talking about genetic variation, adaption of plants to environment and tomato seed saving.

Youtube  Think of the seed and I think you will find the video!



3 thoughts on “Seed Saving

  1. I had friends turn up from W.A. to visit on the day of the seed swap! I couldn’t just leave them on the doorstep and head into Launceston :(. Any idea of when the next event will be?

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