Summer share markets

Launceston 12noon Wednesday 15th January
We will be hosting the first share market of the year in Launceston at the Inveresk Art School campus. Everyone is welcome just bring something to share. we welcome fruit, vegetables, seeds and gardening materials. Feel free to invite friends and family, the more the merrier. New winter seed will be available to start your winter patch nice and early.
Directions: go to QVMAG (museum Inveresk, the Art school is next door opposite Blue cafe and to the right of the yellow bolt sculpture. We will be in the middle of the art school past the gallery.

Hobart: We will be hosting a share market at Colony 47 at the end of February

Photos from previous markets:

1170895_343376762464578_1493450753_n OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Monday Market by Urban Farming Tasmania Monday Market by Urban Farming Tasmania 913833_284788124990109_1935317179_o 919053_287267601408828_1331382399_o 465896_287267478075507_1185325084_o 463926_287267628075492_110648157_o====


5 thoughts on “Summer share markets

  1. Awesome! An event I can attend :). I have several small walnut trees, a few sweet chestnuts and some other plants that could do with rehousing, do you think I could use them as swapsies? Only in my second year of veggie gardening so a bit bereft of seed material at the moment but very eager to get some. Can we just use the folding green to purchase seeds? Hope so (note to self “raid the moth eaten sock under the bed”…)

    • Wow trees, that would be great! Its very casual the swapping, no real rules. Just make sure you get enough in return. The seed bank will be there to raid, we have heaps of witner seed and lots of people bringing in seed from spring crops which is exciting. There should be lots of produce since all the fruit is out and the vegi patches should be going really well. feel free to bring the family or invite friends!

      • I am in love with the idea of sharing. We are working on growing things for our food forest at the moment and the walnuts and chestnuts are surplus to our needs (there are only so many huge trees that 4 acres will sustain 😉 ). Steve and I studied horticulture and fell head over heels in love with plants, natural cycles and permaculture in the process but we are like babes in the wood when it comes to vegetable and food gardening. Most of what we learned was about ornamentals (where the landscaping money is) but when we moved out to the property we suddenly did a complete about face when it came to gardening. Can’t wait to swap some delicious seeds with you guys for some nutty trees and meet you 🙂

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