Egg & Events

Eggs- New backyard Rules-there has been a lot of debate over the past week about backyard production of eggs
-new legislation from the 26th November will requiring egg stamping and registration
– see what you think, there is a petition for exception of small back yard producers click here
the EGG MAP is an effort to map how many people will be affected

-We had a great time at the Turner Beach Farmers market, on the last Sunday in every Month, the next is on the 24th and may be a twilight market!
-All donations for the Sustainable Living festival need to head our way in the next 2 weeks
-Join in the permablitz action and once you have been to a few we are happy to come to yours! The next two are at Rosevears and Colony 47 in Hobart
-Donations of Staw, cardboard and manure are needed for the Colony 47 permablitz
-the first 2014 Market is Wednesday 15th Jan at at the Tasmanian College of the Arts

Events coming up
You can help out at any of these events by

  • volunteering behind the stall and helping with activities,
  • becoming a seed collector or grower of seedlings and cuttings,
  • donating seeds, seedlings, plants, cuttings and trees and
  • We are always looking for manure, straw, cardboard, egg cartons!

Today 12 noon second last mini market Tasmanian College of the Arts
Saturday 2nd Nov Permablitz Rosevears, faebook or email to be involved
Sunday 3rd Nov Oatland School and Community Garden Open Day
-NO MARKET MONDAY 4th November public holiday
Wednesday 6th 12noon Last Mini Market & Gathering of the Garden Tasmnaian College of the Arts Launceston, bring plants for the Sustainable Living Festival and we will transport
Sat/Sun 9/10th Nov Sustainable Living Festival, community garden at Prince’s wharf 1, lots of free, seed, seedlings and plants. Community and school garden please contact us for plants
Monday 11th 11.30am Permablitz Colony 47 Hobart, all welcome, need donations
-Sunday 24th Nov Turners Beach Farmers market– we should be there
Wednesday 15th Jan Summer School Market, Tasmanian College of the Arts

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