Road Trip

Road trip!  We are on the road, coming to you
These are free events and everyone is welcome. We bring sunflowers, seedlings and the seed bank for you. Please feel free to bring along your excess seeds, seedlings, cutting and plants, and help support these great days

27th Oct Turners Beach Farmers Market
3rd Nov Oatlands Community and school garden open day
6th Nov  Gathering of the Garden Launceston
9/10th Nov Sustainable Living Festival Hobart
11th Nov Colony 47 Permablitz/Garden Workshop Hobart

12Noon Monday Weekly Mini Swap Market at the Tasmanian College  of the Arts for produce, seeds, seedlings, sharing knowledge or general catch up on what is happening. Come along we will be there every week BUT finishing on Wednesday 6th November and re-starting in 2014!

19th October Kids Expo in City Park Launceston for Children’s Week We aim to make a giant children’s garden which will then go to the Sustainability Festival in Hobart. We would also like to give each child a sun flower seedling to take home and grow. Can you help?

3rd November Oatland School & Community Garden open day. We have been invite along to this great open day. Please bring along an spare seed, seedlings and plant for a share table. We will be there with sunflowers, seed bank and plants. We look forward to meeting everyone

6th November 12noon Gathering of the Garden in Launceston the next BIG share market and last one for 2013! Please bring all plants you would like transport to Hobart for the Sustainability Festival on this day. It is also by final event for Bridgette’s Bachelor of Contemporary Arts.

9th/10th November Sustainable Living Festival Help us grow the Tassie Food Forest project! We need everyone growing something over the next 3 months ready for the launch at the Sustainable Living Festival 2013 in November at Prince’s Warf 1. en as part of the Make it theme for Sustainable Living Festival this yearWe are making a community garden as part of the Make it theme for Sustainable Living Festival this year

11th November Colony 47 Permablitz/Build the Vegi Patch Day. Come along and learn about permaculture through a permablitz day and help a great not-for-profit extend their vegi patch! We need lots of newspaper, cardboard, manure and straw for this day. Let us know if you can help

15th January Art Summer School Share Market. The first event for the new year. A big share market on a the same time as the summer school down at Inveresk. Bring something to share, especially seeds seedlings, plants and gardening materials!


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