Vegi patch for Sustainbility Festival

The Community Vegi Patch for Sustainable Living Festival 9/10th November is growing fast. Check out the photos below of all the plants people are growing in the community.  We will take any fruit, vegetable or herb plants you don’t need or would like to donate! We also have plenty of seeds and pots if you would like to grow you own. There are also lots of plants which need foster homes for 2 months. Here is the current list of plants, please let us know what you are growing and send us a photo!

There will be a Gathering of the Garden in Launceston 12noon Wednesday 6th November Tasmanian College of the Arts and we will transport all the plants to Hobart for the festival. Then all plants can be dropped off at Prince’s Wharf 1 on the 6/7th November.

Strawberries 50 plants
Rhubarb 3 crowns
Lemon trees- 2 Mayer
Black current 5plants and 30 cuttings

Bay tree- 2 small ones
Cat mint
Coriander seedlings
Horseradish 3 plants
Mint-general and chocolate, we need apple
Nasturtium seedlings
Sage-3 grey , 2 purple, lots of baby pineapple sage
Rosemary- 3 plants
Sun flower seedlings
Thyme- Lemon and plain- 20

Beans-Broad, dwarf Yellow,
Kale- purple Russian and green
Lettuce, lots of different types
Orach- purple mountain spinach
Pumpkin- grey, turks turban
Shallots- Red
Silver beet- white and coloured
Spinach English perpetual
Tomato seedlings- Black Russian, Tommy toe, Rainbow cherry

998119_343380579130863_699904996_n 1170895_343376762464578_1493450753_n 1175608_343380592464195_773128925_n 1185576_343380682464186_132251778_n  1234449_341082912693963_1363033489_n 1237155_343380625797525_901979634_n1208551_341082926027295_1429020867_n


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