Seed bank & Events

We have a busy week with 3 events this week for Fair Food Week, Uni Open Day and the launch of the Tassie Food Forest project. Pleasse COLLECT & DONATE seed at the following events this week:

-Wednesday 6pm Urban Argriculture Forum Hobart
-Saturday 1pm Source Community Garden Share Festival
-Sunday 10am Big Market Day Launceston
10am Seed preservation and storage by Heather Thorpe & Sharon Campbel-Zeni
11am the WHOLE Lemon by Tanya Murray
12am Urban Beed Keeping by Ian Hewit from Eee’s Bees and Malcolm Bowden
All day, seed & produce swap, Mini Vegi Patch Fostering

Here is the list of the 95 varieties of fruit and vegetables in the Seed Bank that need growing, sharing and collecting.
artichoke purple
basil sweet genovase
bean broad crimson flower heirloom
bean climbing – purple king
bean scarlett runner
bean scarlett runner
bean soya
beans borlotti
beans drangons tounge
beans dwarf butter
beans dwarf purple queen
beans dwarf yellow
beans stringless pioneer
beans ying yang
beetroot burpees golden
beetroot heirloom mix
borrage blue
brasica kohl rabi
broad bean
brocolli cicco
brocolli romansco
brussel sprouts long island
brussel sprouts ruby
cabbage mini
capsicum mini sweet
capsicum store
carrot heirloom mix
carrot paris market
cauliflower mini
celery stringless
celery backyard
chilli hellfire mix
chilli jalaenpo peppers
corn sweet baby pop F1
cucumber double yeild
cucumber lebonese
cucumber mini white
cumin black
dill backyard
eggplant heirloom mix
eggplant listada de gandia
fennel backyard
gourd autumn wings
gourd decorative mixed
kale russian red
leek jaune du poitou heirloom
lettuce heirloom mix
lettuce lola rosa
lettuce lola rosa
mizuna red & lime streaks
ochra lady’s finger
onion barletta
onion red marble F1
onion red marksman
onion spring red
orach purple mountain spinach
parsley flat italian
parsnip backyard
pasley curley
peas snow
pumpkin austrain hairloom mix
pumpkin australian butter
pumpkin butternut
pumpkin delicata mini sweet
pumpkin grey
pumpkin pennsylvania dutch crook neck
pumpkin pennsylvania dutch crook neck
pumpkin potimarron
pumpkin turks turbin
radish heirloom mix
shallots roderique hybrid
silverbeet coloured mix
silverbeet yellow
squash gem heirloom
squash jaune & verte
squash mix buttons
squash spaghetti
squash white scallop
strawberry sweet fresca
sunflower giant single
sunflower solar flash F1 dwarf
sunflower sun king
tomato 10 color heirloom mix
tomato black russian
tomato black russian
tomato rainbow beefsteak heirloom mix
tomato tommy toe red
tomato yellow pear
watermellon blacktail mountain
zuchinni tondo di paicenza
zuchinni tri color
zuchinni tromboncino heirloom


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