Seed bank & Events

Thank you to Rangeview seeds for a donation to the community seed bank! We are now restocked and ready to go! The seed bank is a free community collection of seeds open for donations and withdrawals by all the community. We are happy to visit any community or school event and garden to help promote growing your own, collecting seeds and sharing in the community. Please let us know if you would like the seed bank to visit you!

Our events in the next few months, we are always looking for help and donations, just let us know what you can do
26th-267th July Joining the dots, Meander Food Connect Conference, we are presenting and taking the seed bank along, car pool from Launceston and only gold coin donation but RSVP needed, we need people for Friday night.

-29th July Monday morning Planting Edible garden in Launceston Mall– We need helpers and plants!

3rd August Saturday 10am ‘Grow you Own’ presentation for NRM Tamar Sustainable August, Windsor Park Community Centre, We will be presenting and take the seed bank but here is also presentations by Sandy Murray, Tony Simmons, Deborah Collins, Jackie Lockhart,  Sue Woinarski, Nick Cummings,  Bruce Jackson, David Hamilton! Come along and help with our presentation!

25th August 10am-2pm the BIG Sunday Market for Fair Food week event, Sustainable August event for NRM Tamar and University Open Day. We will have the GREAT seed and seedling giveaway, workshops on gardening in small spaces, mini kitchen gardens and seed collection. If you would like to be involved with sharing your art, music, produce……..let us know, we will share plenty of fruit, vegetables, edible plants & art in return!

-3rd Weekend in October our first Urban Farming Workshop which can include bee keeping in the suburbs, keeping chooks, grafting and espalier trees and mead making! We have a great host and we just need to know who is interested and what you would like to know about! Yes it will be free but limited numbers

Other great events

Cross Pollinate Conference, 22nd July Ulverstone

Sustainable August by NRM Tamar, lots of great events every weekend through August

Fair Food Week 18th August-25th August, register an event online its free!

Fair Food Share and Swap Fest Source Community Garden Hobart  24th August Hobart 1pm-7pm  12 Frecnh Street Sandy Bay

Sprout Tasmania workshops 22nd July Cross Pollinate conference, 27th July Market Garden Production in Winter, 10th August Cygnet Polytunnels and extending the growing season

Sustainable Living Tasmania Events, 20th July Tasmanian insect Pests and guests, 20th July Fencing for farms and gardens, 24th August Soil biology and health, 27th August Fungi and ferment: making Tempeh, 31st August increasing crop yields in the Home Garden, 21st September Edible Weed Walk, 9th-11th November sustainable Living Tasmania Festival

Tasmanian Botanical Garden Heirloom Tomato event 21st September, needing helps now for the preparation ring the RTBG Nursery 62363082

Bridgewater Community Centre Gardening group Friday and Wednesday 10am-12noon, always looking for new people, donations of edible plants, materials to build gardens beds, people with gardening skills… talk to Chelsea ph 62634303 6 Bowden Drive

-Mt Faulkner Community Garden, Chigwell Monthly BBQ and Gardening

Land care Tasmania too many events to list check out the website

CENTS Community Exchange North West Tasmania, check this out for exchange of fresh produce and much more

North West Environment Centre check out the website and up and coming events

Please let us know what other great community events are out there, so we can spread the word!

UFT - seed bank poster


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