Grant, Sos & Meeting

Grant application for Tassie Food Forest
2 days to go, we have $6500 of $10 000! and lots of support letters (Thank you). Remember in kind support donations are easy and so far have included kitchen hire, edible plants, seeds, seedlings, market stuff, labels etc. If you pledge this officially we are able to put a monetary value next to it for our Community Food grant application and then if we are successful then the government will money match the funding we have raised. If you are keen we need all pledges of cash or in kind support by this Wednesday night (4th July) on Pledge paperwork or email

We need your help this Sunday and next Tuesday for the National SoS (Students for sustainability) Conference in Launceston at The University Newaham Campus. Let us know if you can help and/or need a ride
-Sunday lunch we have a stall at the Uni to provide information
-Tuesday 11am we have a workshop about Urban Farming Tasmania
It is free to members of the collective to attend these two events (not the rest of the conference)

Meeting after the Fruit & Veggie share market next Monday 12noon if you are keen to be more involved please let us know your skills and what you can offer





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