Exciting news

A Big Sunday Market 25th August 10am-2pm for University Open day, Inveresk campus, Launceston. There will be a fruit and vegetable share market, the Great Seed and Seedling giveaway and lots of great activties on the day. We need help from everyone, artists and musicians,  growers, collectors for seed collection and seedling growth………

We are applying for a Community Food Grant and we need you help. Here are the details Lettter, proposal and planned events. Please spread the facebook page, website and fruit tree map far and wide to show community support. If you are keen to endorse the project through you business, Council or organisation then please put this on letter head and send it through. We also need plenty of donations in cash of in kind support.

Check out this great article in the  Examiner on Friday last week, a great colour feature article about fruit foraging and the share market

Hope to see you tomorrow and every Monday 12 noon to share your art, fruit, vegetables, edible plants and baked goods!

Examiner Feature Article page 2, 21st June 2013 Examiner Feature Article page 1, 21st June 2013

UFT UTAS Open day 2013


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