Is foraging illegal in Tasmania?

The Launceston City Council is suggesting foraging is an illegal activity! If you know anyone who would know better I would love to speak to them.  We received the following from the Launceston City Council today, only one more meeting about the location, till we can definitely say we will be there on the 17th June 12 noon
1. the State Health Department to confirms that under the Tasmanian Food Act 2003 our market does not meet the definition of food business or food for sale and therefore there are no requirements by Council.
2. DONATE&SHARE We need to just place the foods on the table for give away and no bartering takes place, we can continue along as we are!
3. FOOD SAFETY: be mindful of the high risk foods and duty of care to ensure the food is safe for consumption (food safety and allergens)
4. FORAGING: the legality is still being debated
Thank you for you kind support, without all your emails, facebook messages and phone calls this would not have happened! I will keep you updated


5 thoughts on “Is foraging illegal in Tasmania?

  1. there was even a super mushroom foragers event culminating in dinner at the Rocks this year and check out this “As part of the upcoming exhibition at Tin Shed Gallery, University of Sydney, we will launch a platform on Google Map, locating and identifying Wild medicinal and edible plants in the urban environs of Sydney.”
    More info here

    • Wow sounds great, very adventurous using mushrooms, we have not even started to explore this, nobody prepared to take responsibility! Everyone is worries who is going to get sued. I like the map, this is what we are aiming for

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