Good & Bad news

Sorry a little BAD news, we have grown so big and attracted the attention of the COUNCIL and FOOD INSPECTOR. This was not because there were any problems with the food but we were in the newspaper and attracted their attention. They are keen to support our project but we need to make a few immediate changes:
-we share and give away food, it is not a swap and exchange
-fruit and vegetables need to be whole, labelled and registered, we will provide labels and a registration system at the next market in 2 weeks
-no baked or cooked food can be accepted until further notice (sorry), that means no soup until we find a commercial kitchen
-foraging for food on public land may be an illegal activity, we are currently obtaining advice about this and can not support this activity until we know it is legal.
Please support us through this difficult time, we want to keep this going but we need to make sure everything is legal and complies to council law.
GOOD news, the next fruit and vegetable share is 17th June please come along and support this great project!


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