Hallo everyone
We are 2 months old and going strong! Here is an update if you are interested. Please support us through facebook/urbanfarmingtasmania or

Weekly Monday Fresh Food Swap Market at 12 noon Academy of Arts
This is working well, please see photos on facebook and the webpage, All are welcome. We would like to invite makers, musicians, artists, actors… to participate and come along.  You can swap time, labour, skills, knowledge, ideas its does not just have to be produce. We need everyone to come next week, the Examiner Newspaper should be coming!

Free Public fruit Map is online and active
Online through google maps you can go and pick free fruit in the community. We are always looking for new trees so please let us know and help this grow. Free public fruit map click here

Media-We are famous!
We have been on ABC radio 936 Hobart with Helen Shield and you can hear the interview  click here We hope next Monday to have coverage with the Examiner Newspaper! So come along

Donations of excess fruit & veg to the collective are welcome
We are receiving our first donations from the community thanks to Phillip at Three Willows Vineyard. We are happy to exchange public fruit jam, chutney or quince paste for excess fruit & veg. We can help pick and collect depending on location and amount. You can also bring any donation to the Monday Market or advertise on the facebook page

We make regular donations to charity
Each week we try to  make a donation to the Youth Link Program in Hobart to support there nutrition program on Wednesdays. We are happy to receive produce for these donations on Tuesdays, delivery is early Wednesday morning

SoS Student for Sustainability conference July 5-9th July Launceston
We will be at the conference with a workshop on Local food production and urban farming.

How to find us and know what’s going on?
Advertising, we need you, we work on word of mouth. Posters and flyers are attached, on facebook and the website, please use them
Facebook is an easy way to keep track of the market, give aways etc
Our website has the market, free fruit map and blog
Email updates come from the website so please sign up


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